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E-Entrepreneurs understand the role of technology as an enabling service and applies this knowledge to design and implement solutions to meet demands and solve problems for enable individuals and business. He/she has the ability to visualise ways in which solutions can be provided and may outsource and coordinate the skills and knowledge of partners to develop and implement solutions in meaningful and profitable ways.

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Project Management

Project management related work involves detailed planning to carry out a range of tasks which often form part of a larger objective. Some of the functions that typically forms part of a project include: planning, budgeting, staffing, scheduling, quality control, change management, reporting, procurement and outsourcing.

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Small Business Management

Among other, this programme includes entrepreneurship and building an online business which are examples of game-changing skills for progressive modern small businesses today. These are supplemented with business management, marketing and business planning to provide the correct background needed to form a strong foundation from where a modern small business can be established and grown.

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Sales and Digital Marketing

This programme develops both a sales mindset and digital marketing skills effectively. Students are exposed to the latest relevant modern sales and digital marketing theory, and techniques for applying the skills in a meaningful and practical manner for maximum impact.
Included in the programme are courses that help address a range of skills in high demand today, for example: Call Centre Training, Google AdWords Campaigning and Marketing with Social Media. 

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Event Management

Event management is one of the jobs listed as ‘highly in demand’ by the Government’s skills shortage publication in 2018. Event management is ideal for someone who enjoys being creative in his/her work and has a keen interest in working in the event industry for a living. There is always a demand for new events, celebrations, parties, team-building, celebrations, sports- and corporate events to be arranged and hosted. 

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Customer Service and Administration

Customer Service is an area of business that is highly neglected in South Africa and there is a high demand for people who have learned skills in this area. This demand does not only exist in the retail field, but in most client-facing businesses. Customer Service staff are generally tasked with establishing and maintaining good relationships with clients, and to ensure that clients feel valued to ensure continued business.

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About is part of the SCRS Group. The Group was founded in 2005 and specialise in education, e-learning and learning technologies. The Career Builder Programmes (CBPs) were developed over the past few years, specifically for school leavers and young graduates to prepare themselves for the world of work and to improve their own employability prospects. Some of the programmes include very focussed small business and/or entrepreneurial content to also enable graduates to start their own small businesses after obtaining some experience in industry.  

Not all school leavers are able to gain access into higher education after school, because it may not be affordable, or they may not meet the entry requirements, or there are simply too many candidates to accommodate. GradCampus aim to provide an alternative learning opportunity for school leavers and young graduates to improve their employment prospects by learning the skills that will help them meet the requirements and preferences for graduate employability identified by large organisations.  

Many school leavers also choose to take a gap year to help them make more informed decisions about the specific field they want to study. A Career Builder Programme is an effective and productive way to spend a gap year to engage some of the study options that may interest a school leaver, before investing large amounts of money into a longer-term decision. The programmes generally expose a student to various different areas of business services and functions to help them test and validate their interest therein. 

The cost of studying is a very important factor that limits the job and career prospects of a very large group of young jobseekers today. Our Career Builder Programmes are available as online learning which offers excellent and affordable quality education that allows students to take up part-time or full-time work while they study.  

Students have access to their programme for 12 months from enrolment, and may extend enrolment further for as long as they need. In addition, online learning allows students to learn anytime they want, from anywhere they have access to the internet, at their own pace.  

All programmes are developed and maintained by academics and industry- and education experts in accordance with generally accepted education good practices specified by regulatory and industry bodies. The quality, relevance and value of our educational offerings are of extreme importance to us to ensure that our graduates find great value in their studies, and are able to apply their knowledge and skills in industry successfully and to earn a good living. 

GradCampus hold the quality of education in a very high regard and therefore limits the number of students it will accommodate. Although all learning is designed and offered as self-study e-learning, all students are assigned to an experienced and qualified online tutor to provide support whenever needed.  

All GradCampus Career Builder Programmes include a range of topics and skills that have been identified by a group of large corporations as desired attributes for new employees and graduates. In addition to a specific industry-focussed skillset covered in each programme, students also learn how to compile a CV, search for jobs, building their personal brand, how to be successful and ethical in the workplace, communicate effectively, make good decisions and think creatively to make the most of their career.  

We are very passionate about the employability and employment of school leavers and young graduates.

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